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To get the latest version, choose one of the following methods:

  • Download it from the OBO Foundry. This version is less than 24 hours out of date from the current sourceforge release.
Alternatively, you can grab the ontology from the Disease Ontology subversion site
  • To download the Disease Ontology using the subversion command line:
svn checkout diseaseontology
  • If you download it from the command line, you can look at the full commit history:
svn log HumanDO.obo
  • If you download it from the command line, you can also compare changes between the current version and any previous version. Depending on how far back in time you look and the number of changes, this command can take several minutes to return a result:
svn diff -r 213 HumanDO.obo
  • Get it from the disease ontology subversion web interface
  • The current focus of the Disease Ontology is to improve the ontological soundness of the ontology,such as removal of plural terms and removal of upper case terms. Additionally, we will be working to add a significant number of definitions to the Disease Ontology.
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