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The cancer node of the disease ontology is an important node due to its complexity and usefulness to the research community. The goal of this page is to give an idea of the organization of this node in the DO. The cancer node will be organized based on tissue of origin (e.g., sarcoma, carcinoma).

 disease of biological process
   neoplasm disease
     cancer (malignant neoplasm disease)
       tumor forming disease
         sarcoma mesodermal cancer
         carcinoma (epithelial cancer)
           ductal carcinoma
             ductal carcinoma of breast
           adenocarcinoma (glandular epithelial cancer)
             adenocarcinoma of breast
       non-tumor forming (hematologic malignancy) disease
         lymphoma (leukemia)
         germ cell tumor
         blastic tumor (blastoma)
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